About Us

Our plan is to drive inclusion, confidence, sex appeal, personal empowerment and body embracement for Every Body, figuratively and literally.  Women come in many beautiful and curvaceously sexy sizes and we want to embrace and celebrate them all! 

What does that mean? That means if you see a piece you really like, it will be offered in size Small all the way through to at least a 2X/3X or 3X/4X in measurement. The size"Small" and "Mediums" of the world aren't the only ones that get to look "sexy..

Nothing is more frustrating than really loving a hot piece of lingerie only to find out it's not offered in your size. it's a deflating experience when you are trying to take your sex appeal to the next level for yourself or for your partner.  That also means there is no reason to have a seperate "Plus Size" category.  Offering a "Complete" size range means real inclusion. ;)

Having been in the professional work for almost 20 years, I figured the Lingerie Intimates space needed some Inclusion built into it. 

Yours Truly

Formosa Elegante