​​​​​​Great Question!  We want you to really love your purchase.. If your purchase is unworn, unwashed and unscented Please email us at info@formosaelegante.com so we can start the return process

We ask that all issues come directly to us at Formosa Elegante vs the manufacturer.  In which case, we can be reached at info@formosaelegante.com

We offer Free shipping for all orders based in the US and use the USPS for all of our deliveries.

Free shipping means more you can purchase!

I'm Sorry.... At this time we do not.

Great questions.  Order will be processed the same day so you can get your purchase as fast as possible! 

What does that mean?  Well once the order hits the warehouse, they will work furiously to get it shipped out, and making changes to and address is not possible. Very sorry..

For US orders, please allow for 7 -14 days for delivery.  COVID does have an impact on warehouse staff and we are conscious of that.

No problem!  Reach us at sales@formosaelegante.com

We have size guides posted on all products like Lingerie, Shapewear, Sleepwear, Robes and Bodystockings

Some of the suppliers we work with have different guidelines so we ask that you give those a review in the product descriptions

I love this question! 

We offer sizes S, M, L. XL, 1X, 2X, 3X  or S/M, M/L, L/XL, 1X/2X. 3X/4X

Some products do cap at an XL and others do go up to a 3X or a 3X/4X

We do not categorize women into tabs of "Regular" or "Plus Size".   

If you are interested in a specific size,  you can sort them and pick a size from the "browse by" section

We want you to keep your Lingerie in tip-top shape so you can get the most use out if it! ;)

What does that mean? Well, Hand-wash only/do not bleach/Do not tumble dry/ do not iron/ Do not dry clean/ dry out of direct sunlight/ hand wash separately in cool water.

In other words, I would not wash these with your bath towels, Jeans, or other heavy abrasive fabrics. :(

It's all in the name (FOR-MOH-SA) (EH-LEH-GANTEH)

Think of it as being shapley, curvaceous and with form.

Women come in all sorts of wonderful shapes and sizes and they need to be celebrated! DUH!

We wanted to create a brand that offers women the opportunity to express their sexual beauty no matter what their size is.  #bodypositive 

Formosa Elegante is here to offer options to accentuate or enhance whatever your definition of sexy is.  There should be no standard definitions to the word "SEXY".